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BodyBeatz is unlike any dance fitness movement you’ve ever experienced.

"We focus on live music, on-the-spot created choreography, emceeing while leading class, and connecting to the beat."

It's a one of a kind musical environment and none of the choreography in classes is created or rehearsed beforehand. BodyBeatz is a cardio-level dance class and all about authentic hip hop, which means working with artists such as DJs who love their craft and mix music – all types of hip hop. A DJ provides that uninterrupted flow of live music while the choreographer teaches a high-energy dance fitness routine. In addition to the musical element, the environment is dressed up in mood lighting and club vibes. When you're in a BodyBeatz class, you're somewhere fun where you can feel comfortable in your skin, and be more outgoing. The entire class is an experience.

This studio fosters authentic hip hop culture and provides dance fitness opportunities for those passionate about the movement, who want to move, find joy in dance and just want to feel healthy, empowered and confident. BodyBeatz is pure hip hop at a level made for everyone. BodyBeatz is beyond dance.

Photography by Michelle Nicole Ng

Photography by Michelle Nicole Ng

About Lee pazmino - Artistic Director and Owner

Pazmino is a dance icon, revolutionary choreographer and notable dance teacher all over the Bay Area, recognized for his passion, commitment, discipline and determination to the world of dance. He is a creative force with over 25 years of experience. Known for his passion towards dance and choreography, Pazmino puts his body and soul into every dance step, which translates into memorable dance performances and a dedicated following of clients who love taking his classes.

Born in San Francisco, California, Pazmino made his entrance into entertainment at the age of 9, as a professional dancer. He and his mother moved to Los Angeles, where he danced and acted for small dance and theater companies by the age of 16. His dance career took off as he begun performing with top A-list music artists in the industry, such as Justin Timberlake in 2002. In 2006, he decided to move back home to the Bay Area, where he continued dancing with many talented choreographers and directors, but also started building his own choreography repertoire and choreographing work for his first independent hip hop business. Pazmino has since choreographed for music artists such as Kevin Mikal and Kenny, various other independent artists and also for non-profits and fundraiser events.

Over the years he has transitioned from the world of commercial dance and entertainment to teaching, where he has discovered a joy for sharing his love of dancing with people of all ages. Since 2008, Pazmino has been expanding his creative wings by taking on such roles as choreographer and director for dance studios all over the San Francisco Bay Area, where he has worked with numerous clients ranging from kids to adults in ballet, jazz and hip hop classes. His gratification for showing others the beauty of dance has allowed him to combine his entertainment and performance background with teaching.

Pazmino is currently teaching jazz and hip hop as well as his style of hip hop dance through his company, BodyBeatz, in the cities of San Francisco and Palo Alto, California. His most recent developments include working with BAFM – Bay Area Flash Mob, creating unique, dynamic choreography for performances, and volunteering his time to teach youth community hip hop dance sessions at FACES SF, a non-profit in San Francisco dedicated to nurturing, teaching, and empowering the city’s under-served children and families.

Pazmino continues to strive for enriching people’s lives by discovering new ways to share his passion and gifts with the world. His personal and creative growth are constantly excelling, as he remains passionate and dedicated about bringing his knowledge of choreography and dance from the stage into the dance studio.


Photography by Michelle Nicole Ng

Photography by Michelle Nicole Ng

Khat Martin has always been inspired to dance, seeking it out at a young age before any training she had. Growing up in a family cultured with music and dance, there was no doubt that dancing would be a big part of her life. Born in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and raised in Manila, Philippines until the age of 12, there she was part of the cheerleading/dance team in school and also known for teaching the young kids in her town. Dance was inevitably her passion whether it was to perform or teach.

In 2001, she moved to California with her family. As soon as she was enrolled at San Mateo High School, she joined Robyn Tribuzi’s dance ensemble for four years and the hip hop dance team. She learned and performed different styles of dance such as jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, and lyrical, and discovered her love for hip hop as she assisted in leading and choreographing for the hip hop dance team. Martin performed in school shows, events and competitions, and also traveled to New York with Tribuzi to explore the life of Broadway. There she developed her skillset by taking classes, including hip-hop, at numerous studios.

After high school, Martin continued her passion for dance by taking classes and workshops at Funkanometry SF, Dance Mission Theater, and more. In 2016, she took her first BodyBeatz class with Pazmino, and in the following year joined his music video dance workshop, where she rekindled her journey to dance.


Photography by Michelle Nicole Ng

Dance has always been a passion for Tricia Mateo. Born and raised in the Philippines, at the young age of 3, she was doing pirouettes and chassés. She was very active in school, joining all of the dance competitions and participating in dance groups.

Moving to the United States at the age of 12 was a transition for Mateo, and dance was one of the ways that helped with the adjustment. She found commonalities with her new friends through freestyling and dancing just for fun. She took jazz, tap, and contemporary classes throughout high school and college, but always found herself drawn to hip hop. Even while she was in college, Mateo loved the aspect of freestyling and getting into the music with her friends. She found her love of music and dance was not only a great bond for her and her friends, but a way to stay fit and active.

In 2016, Mateo met Pazmino by participating in his music video dance workshop and began taking BodyBeatz classes. Through teaching with BodyBeatz, Mateo has found an opportunity to share and develop her passion, and continue to dance.



DJ TBUSH, known as the party starter, loves to get people moving on the dance floor. His focus of music is primarily hip hop and r&b, but he loves venturing into other genres of music including reggae, Latino, old school and mash up. Getting his first break out gig with Victoria's Secret for their Pink Spring Break event, he has since enjoyed working with companies such as BodyBeatz, Macy's, and the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush girls. His level of high energy is sometimes felt by stepping away from the dj booth during a set and joining the crowd to take the party to the next level. DJ TBUSH is filled with a positive vibe that is broadcast through his music and channeled into those who love to dance to the beat. 

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