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BodyBeatz Live

Come sweat in our non-stop hip hop dance class, complete with live DJ mixing every genre of hip hop out there, ranging from authentic hip hop, 90s hip hop, 80s hip hop, new age, to top 40s, dance hall and Latin hip hop. With our Live DJ class, you’re guaranteed to experience a music mix like you’ve never heard before. Did we forget to mention your dance teacher is emceeing and hyping up the crowd while choreographing? You’ll be moving from the moment you hear the first beat until you wind down for stretching - come prepared to dance straight through and get in a full heart-pumping, fitness inspired workout to high energy live hip hop beats.


This 60 minute dance class is full of movement, choreography and all of the best hip hop music. Freestyle has a low-impact emphasis because of its controlled class setting, with occasional stops in between songs to allow for choreography demonstration and breaks. We showcase our top playlists crafted to suit the vibe of the class, so there’s no telling if you’ll be dancing to smooth and sexy or all street - every class will be different! Choreography is broken down in counts of 8 and taught with repetition so you have the chance to learn the routine over the course of class. It's sweaty, authentic hip hop for all levels!

Bodybeatz master

A fully structured 2 hour dance class designed to help you master choreography and technique. You'll get the opportunity to concentrate on the fine details, from your body movements and the fluidity of one step to the next right down to accomplishing a full routine and all of the finite technique that goes into it. This class is about becoming knowledgeable and skilled in the approach to dance and mastering the artistry.


We offer 60 min mixed level hip hop and jazz classes to kids ranging in ages 5-12, where they learn to develop rhythm, body movement awareness and how to have fun with music. Kids will go through warm up exercises and transition through various short routines that will stimulate their minds and get them accustomed to group dance activities, all the while practicing dance technique and choreography.


A hip hop dance class focused on learning choreography and technique to a single hip hop song. Come prepared to broaden your dance knowledge as each song's choreography will be taught in a 2 class series. Have fun breaking down small movements and developing your form in each class.

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