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"Moved here a year ago and was desperately looking for a place to jam. Found Lee's class
and haven't stopped dancing. Picked up right where I left off in Austin. If you love dance and working out, you'll find it here!"


"Lee's class is my daily dose of positive energy. No matter how I feel before the class, I always feel I am ready to conquer the world after. [...] Lee is a true artist. He respects music and never lets us stop before the music ends. His passion for dance shows in every move. Any simple move, if Lee does it, will grow with a soul."


"[...] Lee is super personable and cares about all of his students. If something isn't working for you he will break it down so that you feel like you can do moves you never thought you would be able to do. He jokes and laughs with us, and makes you smile when he walks past and is like "damn girl!" when you hit a move just right. I took my first class with Lee about 7 months ago and can't imagine my life without them now. He is an amazing instructor and an even better person."


"I had searched everywhere for a dance class that would suit my aerobic needs yet would be challenging and entertaining enough to hit the nail on the head for my dance background and love of dance in general. I had no luck until I found Lee's class which is OUTSTANDING! Don't worry, you don't need to be a dancer to take his class and that's another reason why I love it! [...] The format of the class is easy to follow and each class is a new routine broken down into small segments that accumulate into a full routine by the end of class so you never get bored."

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